Marian’s Walk-A-Thon Connects to Field Day

By J1 Reporter Claire Bauman

Do Marian girls know how Field Day relates to Walk-A-Thon (WAT)? Many friends, family and associates of alums know about this fundraiser, but some do not know its connection to Field Day. Some current students have different ideas as to how Field Day is connected to WAT.

“I think there is a connection between the two because both involve a sense of competition, and both you have to work together to execute the plan,” junior Kaleigh Watson said. “Also, depending on which place you get for Walk-A-Thon, that is the order you get to pick your color for Field Day.” 

While it is true that WAT results determine the timing of a class’s pick, Miss Jessica Abel, Student Board co-moderator, notes there is more of a connection to Field Day than just colors. Abel, who is one of the Marian staff in charge of the yearly event, said not only does a class’s place at Walk-A-Thon determine the pick of the color, but also the order a class performs on Field Day as well as their theme. Students and staff alike know WAT has an important connection to Field Day and can see its effects yearly when Field Day rolls around.

Marian Juniors celebrate their second place WAT results in the east gym. The second place results will determine the order they pick for color block. Photo by Brianna Dovali ’22

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