New Senior Accessory Helps Class Raise Money

By J1 Reporter Tyler Raikar

Arby’s. They have the meats, and now the Marian girl’s support for their school’s fundraiser, Walk-A-Thon (WAT). Each year students think of creative ways to raise money for their grade and tuition assistance. Senior Cali D’Agosto sparked up a grand new idea for the senior class. Through the sponsorship of Arby’s, D’Agosto synthesized a cute and fun hat for students that not only raised money for their class, but also gave them a new closet item to style. These hats were designed with an Arby’s logo printed on the side and their class year, 2022, stitched across the top. She also chose to dress them blue, matching Marian’s colors. They were sold for $15 per hat, earning them a grand total of $1,865 to add to their class total for the senior class. 

D’Agosto was excited about choosing hats because “since there’s already a shirt, hey, let’s create some hats!”

Even Miss Jessica Abel, the Student Board Co-moderator, admitted this “great idea has never been seen before in past years.”

Arby’s hats successfully enraptured the senior class, as a majority willingly purchased one. There were even reports of a few underclassmen buying a hat for themselves. If an estimation had to have been made, approximately 160 students bought an Arby’s hat. In efforts to reach this supreme total, D’Agosto took every opportunity she could get to sell starting on Sept. 14. The majority of the hats were sold during school lunches at Marian. Hats were also distributed during the senior wash and Grandparent’s Mass. Although primarily seniors, students ranging from all grades bought a hat. D’Agosto’s creation of the Arby’s hat managed to integrate espírit de corps throughout this year’s WAT– all that Marian is about. Who knew an Arby’s hat ended up being an item to bring out each one of Marian’s core values: compassion, community, empowerment, Marian identity, spirituality and service. 

Cali D'agosto 22’ celebrates the senior class’ first place win on Sept. 24. She wore her Arby’s hat that contributed to exceeding their grand total. Photo by Grace Manley.

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