Not Everyone Walked

By J1 reporter Sophie Ortmeier

Have you ever imagined being injured during Marian’s Walk-A-Thon? Junior Gia Toth was injured during the foam WAT this year. Toth was injured before school started when she was playing a game with friends. She was running and fell into a hole, and badly sprained her ankle which she had previously sprained. 

Although Toth did not have to walk on Sept. 24, she still wanted to participate while bringing money in. “I wanted our class to do well, so I still brought in a good amount of money to support the class,” Toth said. 

While everyone walked the select amounts around the school neighborhood, Toth, along with all the other injured girls who had a doctor’s note to excuse them, got study hall. Their study hall was in student services, and they got released when the first class returned from walking. After being let out of study hall, Toth said, “I did not go to the foam party because I went to lunch with my friends, but some of  my friends went to the foam party for a little bit.” 

Although the situation was not ideal, Toth said, “I wished I could have walked with my friends, but two miles would’ve been a lot for my ankle, and I didn’t want to risk my ankle being sore or re-injuring it.”

Lillie Divine 22′ and Gia Toth 23′ walking out from their study hall in student services. Injured students had a study hall during WAT as opposed to walking with their class.

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