Student Board Decides WAT Routes

By J1 Reporter Emily Martin

Student Board co-moderator, Ms. Jessica Abel, explained that the decision to make routes different lengths for Marian’s Walk-A-Thon (WAT), was simply to avoid confusion for both faculty and students. WAT, being a student-led fundraiser, gives students the incentive to bring in money to walk the shortest distance. The grades that place first and second only walk two miles, while the grades in third and fourth walk four miles. 

In the past, the first place winner would walk a mile route. However, the route was two laps around the campus and the people walking it got confused, so they decided to get rid of that route and combine first and second place grades. There was never a three mile route, third and fourth place have always both walked the longer route. The routes were simplified as much as possible to a square-shaped route. The routes also do not have students crossing major intersections.

With freshman classes usually having to walk the longer distances, Student Board decided to let the teachers choose what they wanted to walk or help with on the day of WAT. They did this so the teachers don’t walk the four miles every year. Abel sent out forms to all teachers to sign up to walk the different routes with the classes, help at the foam party, or stay back with the people excused from the walk.

The 2021 Walk-A-Thon routes shared by Student Board co-moderator, Ms. Jesscia Abel. The color image is the 2-mile route and the black and white image is the 4-mile route.

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