The Mystery Foam Explained

By J1 Reporter Joie Ferrara

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Matthew Winterboer did not make the foam machine. The foam machine was ordered from and flown in from Phoenix, Arizona. Student Board (StuBo) co-moderators Ms. Jessica Abel and Mrs. Beth Dye drove to the airport after school one day to retrieve it. “I originally ordered the Large Foam Cannon, but was disappointed when they sent us a smaller machine; and I will be having a conversation later,” Abel said. The foam machine costed StuBo $715 to rent, $99 for the environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic Foam Gel Solution, and an extra $60 for shipping.

This year was the first year that Marian has ever seen a Foam Walk-A-Thon (WAT). Last year’s Bubble WAT was originally meant to be Foam WAT, but was not communicated correctly. However, the bubbles last year allowed for a safe and socially distanced Walk-A-Thon. “Foam cleanup was much easier than Color WAT, the only thing we had to clean up was the machine itself,” Abel said. The PAC lot had to be scrubbed down for hours after Color WAT in 2019. So on Sept. 24, PAC lot received a well deserved bubble bath after Foam WAT.

StuBo members have discussed the idea of reusing the same four themes. The themes would be: color, splash, foam, and another theme that is undecided. This would allow for everyone to experience each theme throughout their four years at Marian.  

Staff members prepare the foam machine in the PAC lot while students complete their walk on Sept 24. Students were rewarded with a foam party after a long week of fundraising. 
Photo by Mrs. Kalkowski

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