Yale’s Inspiration for Kona Ice Truck

By J1 Reporter Hannah Cusick

Bailey Yale, a junior at Marian, successfully brought the Kona Ice truck to school as a part of the class’s efforts to reach their fundraising goal. Yale, being the primary reason for the truck coming to Marian, tells students her insight on obtaining it and how it benefited the junior class. 

We have seen the Kona Ice truck come to Marian for different events, but this is the first year it has come to benefit the school’s Walk-A-Thon. Yale’s family owns the Kona Ice franchise and she has worked there for about two years. While thinking of ways to help her class reach their fundraising goal, Yale’s father thought the truck would be a “good fundraising idea”. 

The Kona Ice truck, thanks to Yale, was outside of Marian on Sept. 16 for girls to get shaved ice after school. The shaved ice was sold for $3 – $5, depending on the size, with 15 percent of sales going towards the junior class. Yale says that her dad worked the truck and she helped by doing the money, making the process go smoother. From the help of Yale and her family, the junior class greatly benefited from the Kona Ice truck with a total of $130, pushing the juniors closer to reaching their goal.

Students like Amanda Draper, Olivia Strako, Lily Dencklau, Elin Siedlik and Anna Bragg eagerly buy shaved ice at the Kona Ice truck outside of Marian on Sept. 16. The junior class received 15 percent of the profits, boosting their class total by $130. Photo by Clare Degan

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