Classes go Above and Beyond, Ensuring Successful Bake Sales

 By J1 Reporter Ellie Cusick

On Sept. 24, Marian students walk in the halls hearing murmurs of hope, fear, and uncertainty from their classmates. It is the day of Walk-A-Thon. This day marks the results of four weeks worth of hard work.

    Marian holds a school-wide fundraising event where each grade competes to not only meet their overall class goal, but to bring in the largest class percentage. The class that brings in the most money receives first place, the class that brings the second highest amount of money receives second place, and so on. Student Board members select incentives to motivate students to raise money, such as; free day off, dress down days, and parking spots. 

    Each class is given several opportunities to raise money for their grade. Events such as car washes, give back nights, and class bake sales allow students to put their creativity on display in hopes of raising as much money as possible. This year, each grade integrated new ideas into these events, most evidently seen at the sophomore bake sale. 

    Each class is given one day to hold a bake sale at Marian, where they sell food, drinks, hold raffles, and any item they wish to sell. Sophomore Ellie Fogarty decided to make necklaces and earrings to sell at her class bake sale on Sept. 6. She had to speak with class officers and moderators and order the necessary supplies to execute her ideas. “I used Pinterest to find ideas for jewelry that everyone would enjoy,” Fogarty said.

    Fogarty’s efforts to support the sophomore’s bake sale certainly paid off. She raised a total of $405, charging $5 for earrings and $6 for necklaces. Fogarty sets an example for others as her hard work and dedication raised a significant amount of money for her class goal. Fogarty does not stand alone in her creative efforts of raising money, each class exceeded expectations as they worked together to help meet their class goal. This year’s Walk-A-Thon was a success as the school-wide goal of $95,000 was met. In fact, the student body brought in $115,580 for tuition assistance.  

Sophomores work their class bake sale on Sept. 6. Photo by Ellie Fogarty

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