Absentees Required to Make up the Walk

By J1 Reporter Courtney Long

Every year, Marian students look forward to donating money and walking the route assigned to their grade on the special day that is called Walk-A-Thon. Walk-A-Thon was scheduled for Friday, Sept. 24. Students who could not make it to WAT, are still required to walk with an assigned supervisor. This year, paraprofessional Ms. Hannah Hennings walked with 22 students who were unable to attend WAT for various reasons. 

       Students walked about 1 mile on an outdoor route which took about 30 minutes. Dean of Discipline Mrs. Kris Hennings explains the reason for making up WAT; “It’s about the integrity of the fundraising campaign. For example: if you tell people you are raising money to walk and then you don’t walk, it’s a little bit shady.” The walk along with raising money all ties into the whole WAT experience. 

       Most students miss WAT for college visits or going out of town. Although missing the walk takes away the experience of the results and dance party at the end, the sense of community is still there as absentees walk side by side. 

Absentees walk a mile around the school to make up WAT. They make the most out of the circumstances they are in.

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