Thrift-a-Thon Sparks New Way to Raise Money, Express Creativity

By J1 Reporter Maggie Morris

Marian Student Board hosted its first ever Thrift-a-Thon on Saturday, Sept. 18. This event helped raise money for Walk-a-Thon (WAT), Marian’s only student-led fundraiser. Student Board originally had the idea for a “rummage sale” at Marian, but since it was too last minute to take place at the school, sophomore Student Board Representative Ellie Fogarty said she offered to have it at her house.

Student Board representatives collected donations from students and staff at school throughout the week and then sold them at the sale. Students donated different kinds of clothes and jewelry that they had around their house or had made themselves. 

Fogarty said that the sale raised around $400, and they “had lots to donate to Children’s Hospital in the end.” The items that were not sold at the thrift-a-thon were either donated to other places or sold to students during lunch.

Junior Bria Hamilton is one of many students who attended the thrift-a-thon with her friends. She bought some earrings and a shirt. Hamilton said that “there were a lot of t-shirts and sweatshirts being sold and a lot of super cute earrings.” 

The money raised at the thrift-a-thon was added to the overall school WAT total, rather than being added to an individual class’ goal. It was a great way to unite the school in raising money during this competitive fundraiser. Fogarty said she thinks it would be a good idea to have it next year and make it an annual WAT event. “I’d be happy to host it again,” she said. As the years go on, Marian students continue to come up with creative ways to raise money for their school. 

Students shop at the thrift-a-thon at Fogarty’s house on Sept. 18. Their donations and purchases helped Marian surpass it’s school goal. 
Photo by Melina Piperis ‘22

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