Fast freshmen help lead the cross country team to strong finishes

Story by Fiona Gautschi

 In most high school sports, it is usually the upperclassmen who carry the team. In cross country, the freshmen are often just as good or better than others who might have more experience with the sport. This is often because freshmen girls are usually smaller, which can be to their advantage while running. 

Five freshmen are currently running in group A with the varsity team and top JV. “Being in group A as a freshman is such a big achievement. I am very proud and honored to be running with such amazing runners,” freshman Margaret Lampert said. 

“The Class of the Metro” cross country meet held at Walnut Creek on Aug. 28 is the only meet Marian participates in where it is divided by classes. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors all race at separate times, and the scores are added up at the end to determine the winner. The freshmen placed first, the sophomores third, the juniors third, and the seniors placed seventh. The freshmen’s first place victory helped the team finish in third place out of all 15 schools who attended. 

“I am super proud of the freshmen and all we did at the meet to get first place at our grade level. It is totally a team sport, and we couldn’t have done it without every one of the freshmen who ran,” freshman Nora Coffey said. 

The freshmen on the team this year are hoping to make it to state and run their best possible race. “My favorite part about the season so far has been cheering on my teammates at the meets and meeting new friends that I wouldn’t have met without cross country,” freshman Lucy Ambrose said. 

Marian’s state champion runners over the years have often been freshmen. Emily Sisson ’06 ran a record breaking 17:56 5k as a freshman at state. Last year, freshman Stella Miner won state, finishing at 18:11. Freshmen being just as fast or faster as upperclassmen is not a new phenomena in the sport of cross country. 

Senior India Zier said, “I am definitely slower now than I was freshman year on cross country.” Although Zier has changed as an athlete since her freshman year, she still always works hard to improve. “My times have changed, but my mindset hasn’t,” Zier said. Zier provides a positive outlook for new freshmen to the team.

UPDATE: Note from the Editors… the MBeat wrapped up the Cross Country season and so we posted it here to showcase the team!

Season recap from the Oct. 29 MBeat by J1 broadcast student Ella Plank.

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