Nevermind, we won’t find someone like Adele

Review by MaddieAdam

Adele has tugged on the world’s heartstrings once again with the release of her album “30” on Nov. 19.

The music world was given a preview of the album with her first single “Easy on Me,” which reminded fans of her melancholy lyrics and powerful vocals. “After hearing ‘Easy on Me,’ my only expectation was that it would be sad, [but] it wasn’t as sad as I thought and it was definitely really good. My favorite songs were ‘Love is a Game’ and ‘I Drink Wine,’” sophomore Chizzy Okolo said. 

The album mixes regretful and sorrowful lyrics with pop tones and strong ballads, making the audience experience her feelings of guilt, shame and fear. Packed with snippets of her own voice in voicemails, along with her child’s voice, Adele finds comfort in her changing life situation regarding her recent divorce from Simon Konecki.  “I thought it was really cool how the album was pretty much a message to her kid,” sophomore Kenadie Rudloff said. 

Adele preaches about focusing on herself in the face of her anxieties of being a single mother and evolving singer, while slowly developing self-love and appreciation. “This album had a lot of emotional impact on me and I felt that some of the messages that it held really came through and hit home,” freshman Aubrey Thompson said. 

Illustration by EliseMoulton

As she’s making a comeback with this new album, media attention on Adele has shifted to another subject — her weight loss. Over the past two years, Adele has lost more than 100 pounds, captivating the attention of social media and the press. Nicknamed by a multitude of news sources and gossip websites “skinny Adele,” the Grammy-winning singer revealed in Vogue Magazine that she was disappointed by the reaction to her weight loss, especially those who were bothered by it. 

Those on social media continually commented on her physical appearance. “Originally there were people upset that she lost weight because she was ‘succumbing to beauty standards’ and some people were mad at her because she wasn’t skinny enough yet. In reality, people need to mind their own business because it is her journey and she wants to feel happier and more confident in herself,” junior Ceci Urbanski said.

Adele’s weight loss is another example of how the way women are portrayed in the press depends on how attractive they are, rather than the talent they possess, even if they are a 15-time Grammy winner. “It’s really gross how the media is so much nicer to her based on her weight loss — it’s another example of how the media values appearance [over] talent,” freshman Abigail McGuire said. 

“30” reflects on Adele’s challenges with herself, both as a mother and a singer. In conjunction with the current media coverage of her weight loss, this album is the perfect culmination of accepting herself and growing into who she really is. After being reminded of the absolute powerhouse of an artist she is, the world truly will never find someone like Adele. 


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