Marian girls join Duchesne’s lacrosse team

By J1 Reporter Ella Plank

Christina Kleinsmith smiles for the camera before her first lacrosse practice at Duchesne on Jan. 16. Photo by Ella Plank.

Marian offers the traditional sports to their athletes, but Marian students are constantly wanting to try new things. Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart, another all girls school in the Omaha metro, is offering the opportunity for Marian girls to participate on their lacrosse team which is coached by Will Gilner. The team will compete against other high school teams throughout the season. This new opportunity has Marian girls excited to get involved in something new.

Juniors Bria Hamilton and Christina Kleinsmith were both looking for a non competitive sport to play in the spring and Duchesne’s lacrosse team gives them the chance to participate in a sport for fun and to stay in shape. The team is not meant to be a competitive sport, but is a fun activity for girls to interact with one another. For example, the team only practices three times a week during the season at Duchesne. However, Marian girls are only able to attend one practice per week due to the other two practices being before school. There is also a varsity and junior varsity team for girls who are at different levels. 

They both have never participated in lacrosse before, so they had to buy the necessary equipment for it which includes a mouth guard, a lacrosse stick and goggles. However, Hamilton has watched her older brother play lacrosse at Creighton Prep, so she knows the basics. Kleinsmith has been getting help from her family and friends to get her ready for the season and to learn the basics. 

“I am most looking forward to meeting the Duchesne girls,” Hamilton said.

Kleinsmith already knew of a few girls on the team, so she said, “I am most looking forward to trying something I have never done before.” However, Kleinsmith is still looking forward to making new friendships through the team.

They both became a part of the team when Kleinsmith contacted one of the girls on the team and asked for the coach’s email. Hamilton and Kleinsmith also recruited junior Jaimi Henton from Marian to participate in lacrosse with them. 

Hamilton and Kleinsmith both agree that Marian has the potential to get a lacrosse team for the spring of 2023. However, enough girls have to be interested and they would have to figure out liability, where to practice, coaches, etc. 

Marian girls participating in a sport with another all girl school is a great way to form connections with other students in the community.

One thought on “Marian girls join Duchesne’s lacrosse team

  1. Great article. The Duchesne lacrosse program welcomes any interested student-athletes that attend Catholic high schools in Douglas County. Their coach can be a bit intense and demanding. He is competitive and considers lacrosse a competitive sport. Duchesne competes against teams from Lincoln, Millard West, Westside, Omaha Central, Papillion, West Des Moines, Iowa, and Ankeny, Iowa.


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