Student team managers help athletes succeed

by J1 reporter Maggie Morris

Athletics are a significant part of Marian, with 11 NSAA sanctioned sports and many athletes, some of whom play multiple sports. With all 11 sports, there are at least 20 teams of different levels-freshmen, reserve, junior varsity, and varsity. Many people have a basic understanding of the hard work and dedication that these athletes put in to train for their sport(s) each season. But the part of these sports that is not as widely recognized are the team managers. These students put countless hours each week into helping the coaches and athletes be the best that they can be. 

Basketball team managers, seniors Kylie Asselin, Lany Gregor and Jaley McKee, spend more than 20 hours each week assisting the players and coaches. They attend every practice, game, and conditioning that the team attends. McKee played on reserve her sophomore year, but Gregor has only ever played in grade school. This proves that you do not need to have high school experience playing a sport in order to be a team manager for it. 

During the team practices, the managers said that they “pump up basketballs, run the clock for drills, and keep score of scrimmages.” During the actual basketball games, the team managers “keep stats and do the book.” They are always prepared to help with anything that players or coaches may need. 

Swim and dive team manager, senior Baylee Towles, attends practices and meets with the team, which can last multiple hours. Her main tasks while helping the swimmers are to “take times/splits, cheer them on, and just help whenever is needed.” Towles said that her favorite memory with the team was “celebrating with everyone after we won state last year.” She also said that her favorite part of being a team manager is “meeting new people and learning about a new sport.”

Towles with the swim/dive team at 2021 Christmas party. Photo courtesy of Madison Keasling.

Towles offers lots of assistance to players and coaches and allows them to fully focus on their sport. Her dedication does not go unnoticed by the team. Junior swimmer Molly VonSeggern said that Towles is “a great addition to the team, she never complains and is always happy and excited to be there.”

Being a team manager, regardless of the season or sport, is a great way for students to be more involved with the school community and have the experience of being a part of a team. Whether or not they have played the sport in the past, these students can learn the skills of responsibility, discipline and having a hard work ethic through helping the teams and coaches and making a large time commitment each week.

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