Swimmer/Diver Balances Pool and Board 

By J1 Reporter Mary Ambrose

Troshynski (far left) poses with her swim teammates Lucy Ambrose, Katy Foley, and Easton Glandt at the Burke Invite on Jan. 11, 2022.  Photo by Mary Ambrose.

The swim and dive team is the only team at Marian that contains two distinct sports within one team. Many wonder how this is possible. At state swimming and diving, and at certain meets, the swim and dive teams’ scores are counted together. However, at all of the meets, they compete separately. For example, dive meets are on Friday nights and swim meets are on Saturdays. Both of these sports also practice at separate times and in separate locations.

This year, junior Claire Troshynkski made the brave decision to be a swimmer and a diver. She has wanted to do this since she became a diver her freshman year, but she could not just join both teams. She had to get the all clear from both the swim coach and the dive coach. She also had to try out and make both teams. 

Troshynski knew that being a swimmer and a diver would not be easy with school and a job. Balancing her busy life is already difficult, but she took the plunge and tried out for both anyway. 

After she was officially a member of the swim team and dive team, Troshynski felt “excited but nervous” about the season. She had an idea of how busy she would be, but it was definitely still an adjustment. Her weeks consist of 11 practices total, 6 swim and 5 dive. She also lifts weights twice a week with the swim team.

Each night, she goes to swim practice until 6:30, then heads straight to dive practice. The meet schedule is also packed. It is not unusual for Troshynski to compete in a dive meet on a Friday night, then spend a good majority of her Saturday competing in a swim meet.

With her busy schedule, one might wonder, when does Troshynski do her schoolwork and keep up a job? She is not exactly sure how she does it, but she always gets everything done that needs to be done.           

She spends her evenings after getting home late from practice doing homework and studying. Troshynski says, “I don’t even start my homework until after 9.” She uses her study hall to get as much done as possible to lighten her nightly load. Her dedication to her schoolwork helps her to push through and study even when she is exhausted.          

Her swimming teammate, junior Molly Von Seggern, describes her as “a dedicated and passionate student and athlete.” On her free weekends, she works as a Certified Nursing Assistant in Aksarben at a nursing home. She also tries to get ahead on homework whenever she has free time on the weekends, as finding time on school nights can be tricky.

Though it is difficult to manage her sports, school, and job, Troshynski has really enjoyed the season. She has had a lot of fun with the team and team bonding has really brought the team together. Troshynski has also improved a lot throughout the season, and looks forward to improving more.

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