Multi-Sport Athletes Take On Challenges

By J1 Reporter Claire Bauman

Playing a sport in high school can be stressful to many students. What some don’t know about is students who play multiple sports in the same school year. For student athletes like Gabby Johnston ‘23 and Audrey Arthur ‘23 that is their case. Both Johnston and Arthur are currently in wrestling, a winter sport. As well as this, Johnston participated in golf this past fall and Arthur will partake in track in the spring as she did last spring.

Playing multiple sports in a school year can be very stressful and shorten the time athletes are able to work on homework. “Homework is more stressful with wrestling than with track,” Arthur said. Wrestling practices are longer than track practice and wrestling conditioning has been happening since early fall, thus making it a longer time commitment. 

“Playing multiple sports in a school year does give me less time to finish homework,” Johnston said, “but it teaches me to be more productive with my work time.” 

Student athletes in high school prepare for the future in more ways than one might think. Johnston said she would like to pursue wrestling in the future if given the chance. “I am thinking about wrestling in college if I am given the opportunity to,” she said.  While currently both Arthur and Johnston are in the wrestling season, their future goals relate. Arthur hopes to be wrestling in state wrestling in February. As for Johnston, she said “In the future I’d like to continue wrestling on varsity and improve my skills.”

According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, about 43 percent of high school athletes play multiple sports. Photo Illustration By Claire Bauman

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