From the field to the court: Reagan Dreibelbis does it all

By J1 Reporter Maddia Groff

Homework, practice, clubs, tests, games, friends, papers. All of these things create a hefty pile on many Marian girls’ plates each year, and sophomore Reagan Dreibelbis is no exception. On top of the rigorous academic workload, Dreibelbis also plays high school softball, basketball and club softball. While balancing her academic, athletic, and social life is extremely challenging, she has not only found ways to manage it, but also to excel.

    Between simply high school and club softball, Dreibelbis is busy. High school ball keeps her occupied from early August to late October. Shortly after this concludes, club ball begins. Typically around the end of November, team practices begin and continue throughout the rest of the winter. Following off season practices, tournaments begin in spring and end in late July, bringing high school softball up again. 

    Although softball is Dreibelbis’s main sport, she decided to continue her basketball career at Marian, as well. “Basketball season can be a little more stressful because I still have to keep up with softball while doing basketball,” Dreibelbis said. Oftentimes, she attends softball practices after a full school day and basketball practice. Even though it can be stressful, Dreibelbis loves the basketball team and the special culture on it.

    Her high school softball coach, Chad Perkins, completely supports her decision to continue playing basketball amidst club and high school ball. “I encourage because I think it really helps make players more versatile and well-rounded athletes,” Perkins said. In addition, Perkins says that Dreibelbis is constantly trying to improve her game, which proves her strong work ethic. He also said that being a multi-sport athlete can help prevent overall injuries.

With a strong will to succeed and her commitment to each of her sports, Reagan Dreibelbis not only became a stronger athlete from this experience, but also a more resilient person.

Reagan Dreibelbis (no. 20) shoots for Marian Crusaders. Photo courtesy of Dreibelbis.
Graphic by Maddia Groff

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