Flemings provides fine dining, formal atmosphere

Review By J1 Reporter Megan Patterson

Current front page of the Flemings website: https://www.flemingssteakhouse.com/locations/ne/omaha

The dimmed lights create a relaxing atmosphere where the main light in the restaurant is candlelight. The exquisite menu contains a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts to be tried. The attentive staff creates an atmosphere in the room that is unmatched by any other restaurant. My waiter, Adam, flowed in and out throughout the dinner becoming invisible so he would not interrupt the conversations being had. Who says the perfect dinner does not exist?

       Over Christmas break, my parents wanted to take our family out for a nice dinner. We brainstormed and decided on Fleming’s Steakhouse. It is located at 140 Regency Parkway in Omaha. You can not miss the sign reading Flemings that is adjacent to the large parking lot. It is open for dinner from 4 to 10 daily, and is a perfect place to take a valentines date. 

       If you love prime rib, this restaurant is for you. Although Flemings offers vegetarian options, its pride and joy is the steak. They also pride themselves on their wine, which my parents can vouch for. The portion sizes are adequate and the appetizers are made to be shared. The appetizers range from $10-20, and I would recommend getting the Sweet Chile Calamari. The prime rib ranges from anywhere from $30 to 50. If you are into desserts after dinner, Flemings has you covered. Their signature dessert is the lava cake. It has a brownie-like look to it with a gooey fudge coming out of the hole in the top of it. This has to be ordered in advance or plan to wait 45 minutes for it. They also serve a chocolate gooey butter cake, key lime pie, carrot cake, New York cheesecake, and crème brûlée. Adam supplied us with crème brûlée on the house, which shows another level of customer service. 

       Although a reservation is not needed, I would highly suggest getting one, especially on the weekend. Since the mood is more romantic and formal, wearing a skirt or dress is acceptable, but even wearing jeans with a nice sweater would be acceptable for the women. For the men wearing khakis or slacks is nice with a polo or a nice crew neck would be acceptable attire. 

       Flemings compares to other steakhouses, but the atmosphere it gives off is just incomparable to a normal bright steakhouse. Overall, I give it a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone who is not vegan or vegetarian. 

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