Forgive yourself for life’s stresses, watch ‘The Unforgivable’

Review By J1 Reporter Amelia Roth

As a 16 year old girl, I am busy. I play volleyball almost every day, wake up early to work out, attend 8 hours of school and do a few hours of homework each night, and I am conflicted by the many things life throws at me unannounced. I also make sure I am spending time with my family, my friends, but most importantly, I make time for myself. Christmas break was much needed for my mind and for my body.

I used the first couple of days for myself to reset. I took baths, baked cookies, got my nails done, and obviously binged a lot of Netflix. I usually don’t watch much TV or movies, but I told myself it was okay to give my body a rest and enjoy time with myself. One movie that I was really excited to watch was The Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock. It’s a 2-hour long drama movie (rated R) with lots of action and emotion. 

Recommended by some of my friends, I had high expectations when I first heard of the movie. Released on Nov. 25, The Unforgivable is a pretty new movie. With an already 4.6 star rating on Netflix, it is a great movie to watch for the mature audience out there. Bullock makes a great actress for this emotional roller coaster of a movie. She plays the main character, Ruth Slater, who just got released from prison after serving a sentence for a violent crime and attempts to re-enter society. 

This movie does not need to be rated R. There is violence and bad language, however, it is not over the top. I am someone who does not like watching violence in every scene of a movie, so I really enjoyed how this movie was laid out. It started off with Ruth leaving the prison and quickly entered a scene from her past. However, the director keeps us guessing on why Ruth was put into jail. 

The past scene shows Ruth as a teen raising her youngest sister. As a watcher, I was invested right from the start. I wanted to know the reason why the directors showed her past right at the beginning of the movie and why it was important. Although the movie does show flashbacks often, most of the movie is present day. It’s focused on Ruth trying to fit into society once again, however, society makes it challenging for her. 

This is the reason why the movie is named what it is. Society has a hard time forgiving Ruth for her extremely hard past. One thing that made the movie as good as it was, was the plot twists and the unexpected turns. This is where the movie gets a little sad and somewhat violent. I am an emotional person and did end up shedding a tear or two during this part. 

My expectations were met for The Unforgivable. However, the ending was abrupt. It was not bad, but it was not the ending I expected. I wish it were a little longer so I could see what would’ve happened to Ruth. I fully recommend this movie to anyone who has two free hours and I am gratified I took time out of my day to give my body a rest and enjoy the little things, even if it was just watching a movie. 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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