The Committee Chophouse Commits to Charm 

By J1 Reporter Tyler Raikar

    A good meal is never hard to come by in the restaurants of Omaha. But an exceptional dining experience may be harder to come by, and The Committee Chophouse is one to abide by that. Located in the Cottonwood Hotel in downtown Omaha, this restaurant guarantees an atmosphere like no other I’ve been to here. 

    When I first arrived, there was valet parking, great for whoever wants that luxury of not having to park their car. The moment you walk into the hotel, I would say the exterior of the building does not match the exquisite designs and color palettes of the interior. The outside almost reminds me of a founding father’s house offering a patriotic and authentic vibe. From only seeing the outside, you would think the inside would appear quaint, with antiques lying around the area. It was the complete opposite, as it showcased mute shades of tans, browns, and whites with a deep dark green accenting here and there. 

    Walking down into the actual restaurant was exceptional. Immediately the scene was set with a bright, gleaming tree sitting in the middle of a circular bar, enlightening the entire area. This was only the first portion of the whole restaurant. For me, the atmosphere sets the mood of a dining experience, and I was more than satisfied with what I was witnessing. 

    Being seated by a kind host, the sitting area my family and I went into was lit beautifully, with checkered floors and mahogany horseshoe booths. We were then swiftly greeted by our server, who gave off the vibe he was serious about his job. He first seemed more solemn with friendly flair here and there, but as the night progressed he showed his fun side with my family, making his hospitality more genuine and sincere. 

    Alright, on to the good stuff: food. We began with drinks, with my parents of course getting their adult ones, and as for myself a sweet, pomegranate mocktail with a touch of mango and orange zest. It was quite refreshing and really opened my stomach to crave food more as the smells of fresh bread and herbs filled my nostrils. We ordered appetizers of the deconstructed caprese plate and cornbread. The caprese was great— excellent, fresh mozzarella to cut through in the middle with a vibrant balsamic glaze to compliment the tomatoes and toasted French bread. The cornbread, however, was not good enough to have had to pay $8 for only three rolls. Even though they were bigger, I would have thought bread would be complimentary for a pricier meal. 

    For entrees, I ordered the seabass paired with a vegetable medley and roasted potatoes, all topped with a white-wine reduced, garlic sauce. As for sides, my family ordered brussel sprouts in a bittersweet sauce and fresh corn. First of all, the presentation was spot on. Everything looked scrumptious, steamy, and crafted to excellence. The taste, however, was next level for me. Each ingredient paired harmoniously with one another. It all made sense. I was doing the happy dance while eating what felt like buttery, creamy heaven with bits of tangy love. The sides, additionally, added to the experience. Those brussel sprouts immediately melted into my tastebuds, with their savory juices spilling with each bite. The corn was just the right amount of sweetness; however, the texture was a bit off, with each bite tasting pre-chewed and equivalent to that of baby food. 

The Committee Chophouse by Tyler Raikar

    After the main courses were devoured, it was time for dessert… only we weren’t planning on ordering any. As soon as we requested the check, our server said he would be right back and appeared again with a glamorous cheesecake dish raised on his shoulder. What a sweet ending to the night! The cheesecake was what anyone would expect from a cheesecake: creamy goodness. It was nothing exceptional, but it sure was good. I guess that cheesecake made up for the overpriced bread we paid for. 

    If you’re looking for a visually memorable evening and classic dinner entrees with a detail-oriented twist to each meal, I would recommend trying this place out. It is a bit on the pricey side, with each meal being almost 10 times the amount of a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Appetizers ranged from $12-24. Main entrees would cost more depending on the cut of meat. For example, a New York strip was $50. Drinks were then the item to rack the check. Any glass of aged wine would at least be $12. If you’re interested in finding a lovely dining time to compliment your evening at prom, I happily recommend this place. It’s also allergy and gluten friendly for whichever friend’s request. Overall, the experience does rise to meet the expectations for how high end of a restaurant it is. The next time you hope to impress a relative or loved one, try this place out… but only remember to have them pay the check at the end!   

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Rate: 4.5/5 sta

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