Review: Can I un-meet your father? 

Review by ChiomaAloziem

On Jan. 18, the series “How I Met Your Father” premiered on Hulu. Hulu is expecting to produce 10 episodes with each being about 30 minutes too long.


The show is a spin-off comedy of the show “How I Met Your Mother.” In both shows the future narrator starts off by telling their kids about how they met the love of their life. I did watch a couple episodes on CBS growing up because I didn’t have streaming entertainment services like Netflix. I probably shouldn’t have been watching that show at such a young age since the show is 14+. I didn’t like “How I Met Your Mother” but I decided to give “How I Met Your Father” a try. 

The main character, future Sophie played by Kim Cattral starts off the episode by telling her son how she found love in New York City. The episode flashes back to younger Sophie, played by the legendary Hilary Duff. Future Sophie informs her son about the dating scene in NYC — a hot mess. Sophie had been on numerous dates but they never worked out for her. She was going to give up on dating, but right when she was about to delete the app Tinder, boom, she matched with the man of her dreams. He was everything she was looking for and more but he was overseas for work — wow. They texted every day until he came home, he even made plans to meet up when he got back. She got all glammed up and took an Uber. In the Uber, she met two interesting guys who just so happened to feel comfortable enough to open up about their love life. She got to the restaurant safely and met the man of her dreams — or did she?

The cast for this show is intriguing. In addition to Duff and Cattral, the show also has the “Grownish” star Francia Raisa playing the best friend of Sophie. It strangely has Josh Peck from “Drake and Josh” as Drew. In all honesty the rest of the cast I have never heard of but if you’re wondering it includes Tom Ainsley, Chris Lowell, Suraj Sharma and Tien Tram.

However, I do like the introduction with the original theme song and the Polaroid pictures. Lennon Stella’s voice was an excellent choice. I also like how the show is modern and up to date so it makes it a little realistic. I love Hilary Duff and Josh Peck but the plot of this show is so overdone and predictable. If you love cheesy comedies then this is for you, but it’s not my cup of tea. 

I still have hope and will continue to watch this show. Maybe I’ll change my mind. 

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