Mascot Tradition Runs Deep

By J1 Reporter Megan Schneider 

The year is 1995. Marian girls are decked out in thick chokers, platform Mary Jane Doc Martens, and then junior Ann Fitzgibbons has unknowingly started a new Marian tradition. 

 “One game I decided to wear a plastic knight costume from Nobbies that included a helmet, shield, and sword. I admit this was to be humorous. From that, it just grew,” Fitzgibbons said. 

Fitzgibbons, a Student Board member, honor roll student, and compassionate Marian student is well remembered by her classmate Molly Adams Woodman. “She was hilarious. She was one of those girls that everybody liked, and she was so nice to everyone,” Woodman, the school’s former Recruitment Director, said. 

“A classmate offered to sew me a blue cape and becoming the mascot unfolded organically. A cheerleader friend gave me her old JV skirt that I paired with royal blue leggings. Someone found a toy horse to carry as well, and by the state championship in Lincoln, I had a full costume.”

The tradition continued through the rest of Fitzgibbon’s junior year and into her senior year, culminating in her decision to pass the torch on to Eileen Maziarz. “I just remember us all thinking that was the funniest, coolest thing ever because it was brand new, we had never seen that before,” Woodman said.  

Fast forward to the 2021-22 school year and senior Annie Masek is the current mascot. “I absolutely love being the mascot. It has so many pros like cheering on our classmates and seeing fans get hype for their team,” Masek said. The role of mascot has evolved since 1995, taking on more responsibilities like, “picking themes for the games, promoting all the events, and announcing games over the intercom on Monday’s to remind people of their opportunities to come out to games that week.” 

The tradition still runs strong as Marian’s next mascot is junior Amelia Roth, who was appointed by senior mascot Katie Corpuz ‘21, is “beyond excited to lead Marian’s student section,” for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Fitzgibbons’ advice for the mascots of today was ”to have fun, but remember you represent Marian.”
The Marian Mascot is a title that carries a lot of responsibilities, but it also carries an honor. As the face of the Marian student-section, the mascot brings a sense of empowerment to the girls on the court and in the stands.

Varsity Crusader Mascots Over the Years

1995 Ann Fitzgibbons

1996 Ann Fitzgibbons

1997 Eileen Maziarz

1998 Eileen Maziarz

1999 Annie Grace

2000 Lauryn Orsi 

2001  Molly Rowen

2002 Beth Flynn

2003 Nikki Martinez

2004 Magann Venteicher

2005 Marie Young

2006 Amanda Goodrich 

2007 Bree Peterson  

2008 Ellen Stultz

2009 Kim Patterson 

2010 Deirdre Kennedy

2011 Maggie Rossiter

2012 Biz Steinauer

2013 Erin McQuillan

2014 Carly Novacek

2015 Fiona Kennedy

2016 Mary Kate Mulhall

2017 Lauren Novacek

2018 Emma Raabe

2019 Gillian Hinrichs

2020 Sara Lighthart

2021 Katie Corpuz

2022 Anne Masek

2023 Amelia Roth

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