Sullivan’s Steakhouse Lives up to Hype

By J1 Reporter Megan Schneider

Sullivan’s Steakhouse in the heart of downtown Omaha is known for its premium steaks, seafood, and wines. It has a higher price tag as all the food is fresh and prepared by talented chefs. To start, my table ordered the cheesesteak egg rolls which sounded like a crime against traditional Asian cuisine, but ended up being really good. Like a lot of the food they advertise, it was a basic food staple with a twist that ended up being new and exciting to try.

I ordered the Pan-Seared Sea Bass Hong Kong Style, for $45 as a main course which included Certified Sea Bass, Baby Bok Choy, and Sherry-Soy Glaze. It tasted amazing, my only complaint would be on portion size, but that is expected with all higher-end restaurants. The service was friendly and not prudish as it can be in steakhouses and the environment was calm and jazzy. It was fun to watch the live jazz band perform while eating and even more fun when the lead guitarist started singing. It was just the right amount of noise where it was not distracting or taking away from the experience of eating with your family, but added to it.

Sullivan’s was not founded in the Metro-area, but does claim to add local flair to each of its 14 nationwide locations. I highly recommend going if you have a special occasion sometime soon, as it is not a place to go on a whim. Reservations, especially on weekends, fill up so plan in advance to go. Also, no parking is provided by the restaurant, so plan to park on the street with a meter. Most importantly, have fun and do not let the price tag scare you away from at least trying something new. 

The Pan-Seared Sea Bass: Hong Kong Style at Sullivan’s
Photo by Megan Schneider

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