Mr. Chris Dziadus: King and his Prince

By J1 Reporter Isabella Raczynski

Every person has their daily routines. Mr. Chris Dziadus has a routine that is pretty typical and mostly revolves around his son, Jamison. They follow relatively the same pattern every day, but still have time in the day to switch things up.

For Mr. Dziadus, or better known to his students as Mr. D, each day starts bright and early with a wake-up time of 4:30 a.m. After dropping his son off at Pre-K, Mr. D arrives at Marian at 7 a.m. Before school starts, Mr. D likes to get “organized and ready for the day” to prepare for his day full of teaching, whether it be with four classes or three classes per day. One of his priorities is making sure that Canvas is updated, because “I know that everybody likes the new updates on Canvas and says things ‘To-Do’!”

After a long day of teaching Social Problems, US History, and PreAP World Geography, Mr. D covers homework lab in Student Services or lets students stop in if they have any questions. “Depending on the day, I will go run over to St. Robert’s Pre-K and pick up my son;I usually let him stay until second recess so he can run around with his friends.”

On the days that his son wants a Happy Meal, Mr. D and his son will stop by McDonald’s to get Happy Meals. On the occasion that one of his son’s friends has a new shirt, the duo stops by Target. “We had to find [the shirt] Sonic the Hedgehog the other day; it was a pretty big deal.”

Finally, after many errands, Mr. D is headed home. He makes dinner, lets the dog out, and feeds his son’s guinea pig. “By then it’s usually six o’clock,” Mr. D says, and he listens to his son tell him about his day. His son never fails to entertain him with stories of his Pre-K adventures. Then, it’s either watching their favorite TV shows or playing games on the iPad together. By the time both of them are ready for bed, it is usually about 8 or 8:30 p.m.

While he doesn’t follow an hour- by-hour schedule, at the end of the day, Mr. D’s routine is what works for him and makes him and his family happy.

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