Washington Sisters Play Soccer as a Dynamic Duo

The Washington sisters pose for a soccer photo. Photo courtesy: Rylie Washington

By J1 Reporter Maddie Balus

A dynamic duo. Playing a sport with not only your best friend but with your sister can create memories that last a lifetime. The Washington sisters achieved such a goal with both of them making the Varsity soccer team for the 2022 season. Senior Bella Washington and sophomore Rylie Washington have worked hard together on and off the field to push each other to play the best they can. 

Soccer has been important to them as long as both of them can remember. Rylie started playing soccer when she was 3 years old, and Bella when she was 4 years old. They have been playing for 13 years, but they have been playing together for 3 years. Rylie remembers “playing with Bella and having so much fun and just loving the sport.” 

“I always try to give Rylie things that she can work on and she always tells me what I can do better also. We really just work hard to help each other be the best. There is competition sometimes, but at the end of the day, we are supporting each other to complete our goals,” Bella said. 

The sisters have always been close but the extra carpooling to practices and games have made the bond closer. Both of them love getting ready to play together by listening to music and listening to each other’s school days. They help each other stay positive during school hours as well as on the field. 

“At school Bella works with me and keeps my energy high and positive, and I do the same for her. She pushes me every practice and every game. Something about hearing your sister’s voice on the field helps to calm down,” Rylie said. 

With Bella being a goalkeeper and Rylie being a defender, sometimes training together works well and other times not so much, so they do what they can. The girls will go to the gym together during the off-season as well as Northwest’s soccer fields to get in some extra practice. During games, this extra time together has helped them work together to defend Marian’s side of the field. 

“I love being on the same team as Bella; she makes me better every day. She has helped me to be the player that I am today and I don’t know what I would do without her,” Rylie said. 

“She [Rylie] always knows how to cheer me up when I’m beating on myself and what to say to get me hyped. I love playing with her because she is always my biggest supporter and best friend,” Bella said. 

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