A letter from the editors: support from community inspires creativity

ElleianaGreen & AnnaRasgorshek

Dear Marian community,When first tasked with carrying on the traditions of Marian’s newspaper, we were overwhelmed. Seeing the work of students before us and the platform they had created for aspiring journalists was intimidating. This past year we have grown closer as a team and have learned skills we will use for the rest of our lives. We practiced patience, teamwork, listening and coaching during every issue. Each class period presented a unique opportunity to learn something about ourselves from our interactions with each other.

Most importantly, however, we learned the importance of the student’s voices within the community. We did our best to provide everyone with the best coverage possible. Thank you for responding to our surveys, emails and most importantly supporting each of our staff members throughout this journey. 

While we will no longer be here next year barraging you with the latest edition of our newspaper, thank you for allowing us to leave our mark on Marian. It truly has been a pleasure to uplift the voices from within the community. We hope we challenged you to think from new perspectives and sparked interest in topics you might have never heard about. Not only this, but we hope we represented the community well. 

While our time at Marian is coming to a fast close, we know the art of storytelling will continue on through future newspaper staffs. We are leaving this paper in very good hands. It has been an honor to represent the voices of students in the community. Reporting on all of the buzz around school has challenged us to think critically, write objectively and, most remarkably, write with passion. 

Each issue would not have been possible without the community and administration’s support. Finally, we hope we inspired a future generation of journalists to carry on the Network’s legacy. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to grow as individuals while working together for the greater good.


The Network

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