May Queen tradition brings school together to celebrate Mary


Each year, the May Queen is chosen by her classmates to participate in the May Crowning ceremony. This annual tradition recognizes a young woman in the senior class who demonstrates a deep sense of faith, has a desire to serve others, participates in prayer often, and lives out the core values — especially Marian Identity — daily.

Abbie Bluvas was chosen by her classmates in March for this honor. “I was so excited when I found out the news that my classmates had voted me for May Queen,” senior Abbie Bluvas said. Bluvas was absent from school for a spring break trip the day that decision was announced, so Campus Ministry directors Mrs. Anna Kolter- man and Sister Jackie Thorn joined her in a Zoom meeting to share the good news before it was announced to the rest of the school.

Senior Abbie Bluvas places a crown of roses on the statue of Mary at the May Crowning ceremony on May 3 in the PAC. Bluvas was chosen by her classmates in March for the May Queen honor. Photo by MaddieAdam

Bluvas was incredibly excited to participate in this ceremony and looked up to the previous May Queens for inspiration. “The Marian women who were previously voted May Queen have done such an amazing job and left very big shoes to fill. I have always looked up to these women in their character, mannerisms and the wonderful speeches that they have written and shared. I hope to continue this tradition and make my class and Marian proud,” Bluvas said.

One of her most important responsibilities for the ceremony was to deliver a three-to-five minute speech addressing the Marian community. She reflected on the qualities she admires the most about Mary and why she believes it’s important to follow her example. Concluding the speech, she placed a flower crown upon the Mary statue.

This ceremony also included the second-grade daughters of alumnae who experienced their First Communion during the school year. “I was so excited to meet the little girls and have them be a part of this special day,” Bluvas said.

Kelly Fortune Rodgers ’97 and her daughter Hadley were present at the ceremony. In addition to being part of the ceremony, “Hadley is very excited to see the halls that I (and many other relatives) spent so much time walking. No matter how different it looks, it’s still the same spirit,” Rodgers said.

When Rodgers found out alumnae were invited, she thought that “this was something I was excited to share with my girls. My oldest Erin is in fourth grade and missed out on the chance due to the pandemic, but we were all excited to join Hadley in this event and for both girls to see a small portion of what Marian is all about.” This event was like taking a trip back to her senior year. “I was excited to be back at Marian. I remember my senior year, feeling like it was the start of such a huge month for us. It was the beginning of so many wonderful Marian traditions that the senior class goes through,” Rodgers said.

Even though the rain prevented all four classes from gathering together, this year’s May Crowning on May 3 was a successful event for the May Queen and all those involved. “All of the May Queens of previous years have left such a legacy, and I am honored that I get to be a part of this story. I am leaving Marian with great relationships, memories, and a full heart,” Bluvas said.

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