WORDLE Craze Changes Lives

By J1 Reporter Emily Martin

“I need to do the WORDLE!” “Have you done the WORDLE today?” “Shhh… don’t say the WORDLE, I haven’t done it yet!” WORDLE has snuck its way into everyday lives. From being a silly game to becoming a hot topic of conversation, it has become part of daily routines throughout the country. 

WORDLE gives a challenge to guess the 5-letter word of the day in six tries, and is taken seriously by many people. “A few months ago, the New York Times bought WORDLE and it is now a worldwide phenomenon,” junior Lily Bazis explains. Now, it’s a different word everyday. Physics teacher Mr. Matt Winterboer said, “It’s a way to challenge myself without having to necessarily involve other people. I find it is a very nice break for the day. I find myself doing the WORDLE daily.” 

It also has sparked new connections and friendships. Bazis reflects on how WORDLE brought her new friendships at Marian saying, “When I start doing the WORDLE, I ask people I normally don’t talk to if they have done the WORDLE. If they haven’t, we do it together, and I ended up making new connections within my classes.” 

WORDLE even creates intense competition between families and makes a good topic for conversation at the end of the day. Winterboer says,“At the end of the day, my son and I will talk about it.” As for Bazis, she says, “We send it in family group chats but usually it’s just my mom, my sister Frannie and I. It’s more competitive towards how fast we get it done.” 

WORDLE can get intense and heated within a family. Family members sending it to each other create a sense of competition on how fast you finish it or how many tries you get it in. Bazis shares, “At 6 in the morning, my mom FaceTimed me and goes ‘I got the WORDLE, did you get the WORDLE? Guess what I got it in two tries,’ but I was barely awake at the time!”

This new addition to the internet has changed lives completely by becoming part of a daily routine for many. It has evolved into a habit to complete the WORDLE and share how well you did with friends and family. With the frenzy WORDLE has brought to all ranges of people, it seems like the WORLD craze is here to stay.

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