‘Doctor Strange’ may be record-breaker


“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is anything but simple. It takes years of storytelling and explores the very thing all the Marvel movies have been leading up to: the multiverse.

Premiering May 6, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is another Marvel movie that is expected to explode at the box office with loyal fans going to see it the first chance they get. 

Far from his directorial debut, Sam Raimi made another movie that will likely surge past records. He has had experience with superhero films before, having directed ‘Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3.’

The movie has an A-list cast including Oscar nominees Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams, but Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff stole the show with her phenomenal acting. ‘Doctor Strange’ takes Olsen’s character far and makes fans really wonder if she is a hero at all. Olsen perfectly conveys Wanda’s sadness and desperation because of her troubled and traumatic life.

This was Xochitl Gomez’s breakout role as America Chavez, and she delivered. Doctor Strange does throws her right into the movie without really truly introducing her at first and focuses more on her powers than her. However, this movie showed her potential and how they could expand on her past and her character in other upcoming Marvel movies.

Despite the cast, if you’re a horror enthusiast, this Marvel film is for you. Director Sam Raimi created a suspenseful and almost terrifying atmosphere through the use of cinematography and music. Although a movie where the villain wins and wipes out half the universe is pretty dark (referencing “Avengers: Infinity War”), there are elements in this film that make it truly unsettling. It is definitely not for young children as jump scares and gore are incredibly prevalent. It may just be the most gruesome out of the 28 Marvel movies and might set a precedent for future Marvel movies venturing into the serious topic (at least in the MCU) of the multiverse. 

I was satisfied with how the multiverse was portrayed and think it has an amazing amount of potential. I’m truly excited for seeing it in greater detail and what other characters might come from it.

There are clap-inducing cameos that made the film a lot more exciting to watch, but do not go solely for this reason. The movie did not rely on its cameos to make the plot interesting which I liked even though the surprises were fun to see.

Even as a Marvel enthusiast, the end left me with many questions and so didn’t leave me as satisfied as I thought it would. However, that just makes a reason for more movies to be made and will keep the fans wanting more. 

This Doctor Strange movie deals heavily with what has been set up in previous Marvel movies and TV shows so I wouldn’t recommend going into it blind. A Marvel background would be needed as well as an explanation of what the multiverse is. When ‘Doctor Strange’ comes out on DVD, it will also be on Disney+.

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