Surprise! Surprise Day came late

By J1 reporter Elissa Eisele

The thrill of your whole class running down the hallway. The rush of endorphins as you take your first bite of cotton candy. The anticipation that surrounds the day’s upcoming events. It’s no secret that every Marian student looks forward to the second semester for one specific reason: Surprise Day. But what happens when Surprise Day comes at a time where it is not necessarily needed?

Surprise Day serves a dual purpose of giving both the students, as well as teachers, a much needed break.  For faculty, it is a day where they can catch up on grading assignments, plan lessons, and feel overall more organized for future classes. For students, Surprise Day can relieve a little stress from their busy schedule and allow them to have fun with their classmates. 

The date of Surprise Day is set by the principal and the administration, leaving the planning aspect to the Marian Student Board and the moderators, Ms. Jess Abel, and Mrs. Beth Dye. When Surprise Day comes later in the year, especially at a time when there is more occurring, it unnecessarily halts the school week’s activities. This can cause more stress for many students and faculty than if it had come earlier in the semester. Block scheduling is yet another factor that creates stress due to Surprise Day’s timing. The cancellation of classes for only one day left many teachers scrambling to get their classes that fell on the same block back on schedule. 

Despite the frustration that surrounded the Surprise Day date this year of March 17, it was still as memorable as always. Surprise Day is one of Marian’s longest standing traditions and continues to show all grades the amazing things their peers and leaders come up with when they work together.

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