Behind the Scenes of Marian Productions

By J1 Reporter Mary Ambrose

For the audience, “The Juggler’s Gift” is one night of enjoyment, but for the cast and crew, it is months of hard work and dedication. The performance depends on the actors and actresses, but also the crew and the backstage environment. Without the support and help of one another backstage, the performance would not be as smooth. 

Whether it is someone’s first or fourth time participating in the play, they are supported and welcomed with open arms. The support for one another is motivational and helps relieve some of the pressure that comes with performing. 

Each year, many different people go out for the play. Girls from every grade and students from different schools such as Creighton Prep make up a unique cast. This assortment of people spend an exceptional amount of time with each other in the months before the play, creating a special bond. In their downtime throughout rehearsals and practices, they spend time just hanging out and talking. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know and bond with new people. 

Being a lead is not an easy role. Sophomore Maddie Smith executed the role of lead in “The Juggler’s Gift” with grace. The pressure of being a lead did not affect her performance. Her confidence comes from hours of practice, but also the support of the cast and crew. For Smith, “It’s always nice to hear ‘Good job’ or ‘Break a leg’ from one of the cast mates before or after a scene.” She cherishes the pre-show traditions, such as huddling up and giving each other pep talks that help her to focus and channel her energy into her acting. The positive environment helps her to excel onstage. 

For sophomore Mia Ramirez, one of her favorite parts of the play was being able to “form new relationships with people I would not normally see a lot at school.” She enjoyed the time she was able to spend bonding and making memories with the cast. The fun times and laughs made the hard work a more memorable experience. She was able to form relationships with upperclassmen and freshmen that she might not have had a chance to become friends with if it weren’t for the play. Ramirez also felt like the support the crew and cast had for each other backstage helped them to “learn from each other.” Cheering each other on and supporting each other through each scene helped them all to become not only better actresses and actors, but also better friends.

Similar to Ramirez, freshman Karis Simon found her niche within the crew. Though she was unsure of her decision to become a crew member, it didn’t take long for her to bond with the cast and crew. There were multiple transitions throughout the play that Simon had to master, but it was worth it. Overall, she “met a lot of people and ended up making a lot of new friends.”  

The supportive environment is what makes productions at Marian so special. The spirit within the actresses and actors makes for an incredible performance. The emotions are clearly shown through each scene creating a multitude of laughs, tears and emotions within the audience. The support builds confidence in each actor and actress which makes the performance all the more successful.

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