Day in the Life of Pritchard: The Organizing Queen

By J1 Reporter Ella Plank

From crying kids to the daily cup of coffee, Señora Amanda Pritchard is always tackling one of her daily tasks on her personal to-do list. Waking up bright and early at 5:30, she does every girl’s dream facial routine which consists of washing her face, putting on her vitamin c serum, and her moisturizer. While getting herself ready for the day, her two sons James (2) and PJ (11 months) wake up. This is when the chaos really begins. 

Pritchard gets her sons dressed for the day and herself with help from her prearranged outfits and jewelry in her closet, and then gathers everything that she has to bring to school. Her necessary items include: coffee (unless she is making a stop at Starbucks), her light-up water bottle which makes sure she is hydrated, her to-do list, backpack, and diaper bag. She then leaves to drop her sons off at daycare at 6:50 in order to be at Marian at 7:20.

Pritchard never likes to stress in the morning when she arrives at school, so she always has her daily PowerPoints and daily Canvas agendas made the week before. She does this so she can help out the girls and Mr. John Paul Franco, who is the new Spanish I and Spanish II teacher, each morning. Then, she goes on to teaching her classes which consist of Spanish II, Spanish III, and AP Spanish V depending on the day. 

During her lunch hour, Pritchard usually grades homework, makes her Powerpoints for the next week, organizes Canvas, and does the Wordle of the day.

After school, Pritchard picks her sons up from daycare between 3:50-4:00. When she gets home she takes her two dogs on a walk to get all their built up energy out. She then makes dinner for the family which usually runs pretty smoothly because as she states: She “meal plans everything on Sunday, so we know what we are making each day.” Again her organization is insane!

Pritchard also has gotten into the habit of FaceTiming her dad every night. Afterwards, she starts to get the kids ready for bed. Her husband begins James’s night routine by bathing him while she will begin PJ’s night time routine by either bathing him or nursing him, depending on if they had swim lessons that day. 

Pritchard then begins to calm James down by reading him books. Her goal is to have both kids in bed by 7:00. Now, she has time to clean up from dinner while her husband finishes putting PJ to bed. Her husband then takes their dogs on another walk, which is when she has 15 peaceful minutes to herself or as she states “15 minutes that no one is bothering me, no dogs are in the house, I get to watch HouseWives, I get to eat my dinner, listen to audiobooks, and I also drink a full bottle of water.” 

She and her husband usually watch a show together and are asleep by 9:00 because of their tiring and non-stop moving day. Pritchard will then wake up the next morning and repeat this routine. Overall, Pritchard’s planning ahead and organization pays off in the end. She is always able to conquer each day because of her daily to-do lists and structured routine.

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