Top Gun: Maverick exceeds fans’ expectations

Review by Marge Cusick

I think most people would agree that the first movie in a series is typically the best. After watching the first Top Gun movie, I believed that the second would never compare to the first. Now that I have seen Top Gun: Maverick, I will never doubt Tom Cruise again, and neither should you. 

In the movie, Tom Cruise (aka Maverick) returns to Top Gun to prepare a team for one final dangerous mission. He is reunited with someone from his past: he is passionate, determined, and follows in his father’s footsteps. Miles Teller gives the performance of a lifetime playing the son of Maverick’s old friend, Bradley Bradshaw, otherwise known by his call name, Rooster. Miles Teller succeeds in making Rooster  a fan favorite alongside Maverick. And single handedly started the mustache trend that men partook in globally. 

Maverick’s team consists of some of the best top gun pilots in the world who are training for a mission that is nearly impossible. In under three minutes, they must fly through a steep valley, over cliffs, destroy a secret base, and fly back over the cliffs. Top Gun: Maverick will certainly provoke numerous emotions. You will feel happy, sad, angry, conflicted, intrigued, and hopeful all within 131 minutes.. As Maverick and his carefully selected team begin the potentially fatal mission, your jaw will drop and stay dropped until “Hold my Hand” by Lady Gaga cues the end of the movie. 

If you have not seen Top Gun: Maverick yet, I will join in on everyone else in your life by telling you that it is a must watch. After watching the movie, you may find yourself going home and saying, “Dad, I’m joining the Navy” and then blaring “Danger Zone.” Maverick and Rooster began flying through mountains, yet somehow they landed into our hearts. It is truly a movie for all people of all ages. Your parents will love it. Your grandparents will love it. Even your little cousins who watch Disney channel every night and go to bed at 9 p.m. will love it. 

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