Hurtado Family set to revamp lunch food service, bring positive change to Marian cafeteria


Sprinting to the cafeteria, especially on days with second lunch. Getting in line extra early to make sure the cook- ie sundaes do not run out. Squeezing through crowds of Marian girls to claim the last microwave. These are the typical sights one might see when at a Marian lunch.

The 2022-2023 school year will come with its fair share of changes, one of the most important being the introduction of the new lunch program. The former lunch providers, Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Denise Eoriatti, retired at the end of the last school year in order to spend more time with their children and grandchildren. In their place, Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Colleen Hurtado have been hired to run lunches for the students and staff of Marian. They have catered lunches for many Catholic high schools in the Omaha area, including Creighton Prep, Mercy, and Roncalli.

Bob got his start in cooking through Metro Community College’s culinary program. He says that is where his interest and love for cooking really took off. After college, he opened Bob’s Catering in 2001 and started to cater for small parties and events. From there, the Hurtados’ food business continued to grow and grow. The Hurtados also opened Bob’s Grill and Cafe in downtown Omaha, which they still currently own. Their menu consists of a wide variety of meals, such as an Asian Chicken Salad, a Black Bean and Quinoa Wrap, and the original Bob’s Burger.

The Hurtados say that their connection to Marian began nearly 20 years ago with catering events for staff. Bob explains how he and his wife “love the school and what it does…the community that it builds for students,” which was a major pull factor in their decision to work at Marian.

Besides the sight of two different smiling faces behind the lunch counter this year, there will also be a few other minor differences. The payment method will switch from e-funds in powerschool to an EZ school app. The beloved Marian ice cream will still be around, however, Bob will be introducing his spin on Marian cookies, but don’t worry, they are Tim approved.

Mr. Bob Hurtado gets to know teachers while serving lunch. The lunch on Aug.15 for teachers was chicken tenders and homemade mac and cheese, plus assorted salads, sandwiches and wraps.

The new lunch program will include a variety of foods ranging from salads and wraps to sandwiches and special hot meals each day. The Hurtados make nearly 90% of their meals from scratch and use only the freshest ingredients. The couple notes a unique aspect of having their own restaurant is their ability to cater to different students’ dietary needs, such as gluten free, vegan, and/or vegetarian. The kitchen is also nut-free to accomodate to students with nut allergies.

Starting this new journey at Marian comes with a great deal of excitement for the Hurtados. They are eager to have students try different foods and discover that they like them. The Hurtados are prepared to use this school year as an opportunity to test out different foods and be able to provide further options for students and staff. They are also looking forward to the relationship building that they will get to experience with the members of the Marian community each day. While this new beginning will likely come with some challenges and bumps in the road, Bob believes that “if you find something you enjoy, you should make it work.”

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