New faculty/staff welcome community to school year

By MalloryConnealy, MargaretCusick, and ElissaEisele

For some, Marian has been home for more than 30 years. For others, the campus is completely new. This school year, along with the Class of 2026, there will be some new faces in the hallways. The new faculty and staff cover a wide range of job titles. From Lunch Coordinators to College Counselor, this diverse group will offer a fresh outlook in the Marian community. Meet some of them now!

New members of the faculty and staff gather for a special in-service on Thursday, Aug. 11. Front Row: Mrs. WenLi Rapkin, Mandarin teacher; Mrs. Michele Ernst, President; Mrs. Bailey Postlewait, Alumnae Director; Mrs. Lindsey Hasenjager, Advancement Office. Back Row: Mr. Ben Ascher, College Counselor; Mr. Bill Monahan, afternoon Security Officer; Mrs. Lisa Brewster, Front Office; Mrs. Katie Herek, paraprofessional; Mr. Jake Moore, Assistant Athletic Director, Business teacher and varsity volleyball coach; Mr. Tom Tvrdy, Social Studies teacher and varsity basketball coach. See page 2 to meet Bob and Colleen Hurtado, the new cafeteria couple

Mr. Ben Ascher graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Ascher was born in Illinois and was in the military for six years. He previously worked at the College of Saint Mary and Niagara University in Buffalo, NY. When he first came to Marian he found a home in the community. His role as the new college counselor is no stranger to him. He has worked in college enrollment for seven years. He is excited to help girls on their journey to life outside of Marian.

Mrs. Lisa Brewster was born in Texas and later lived in Kansas and South Dakota. She attended the University of Kansas and has been working at St. Pius X/St. Leo Grade School. She saw the opening at Marian and decided to reach out. The first thing that she noticed at Marian was how open and welcoming everyone is.

Mrs. Lindsey Hasenjager attended St. Louis University. She found herself at Marian because she was looking for an opportunity that allowed her to do something that helped her feel like she could give back to her community. Her first impression of Marian was the positive vibe fromeveryone she met and the faith filled environment, which she is excited to be a part of.

Mr. Jake Moore is the new assistant athletic director, Varsity volleyball coach and business teacher. He will be teaching business electives in the upcoming school year. Mr. Moore expresses his excitement for the fall volleyball season as he hopes to put together a quality team for fans to watch and be proud of. “My goal is always to obviously continue to improve sport specific skills and team play, but more importantly my goal is to empower the girls to be positive role models for themselves, their families and their school, both now and into the future,”

Mrs. Bailey Postlewait is a Marian grad from 2015 which will aide her in her new venture as the Marian Alumnae Director. Postlewait attended the University of Alabama, Nebraska Methodist College and University of Nebraska-Omaha. She found herself at Marian after needing a change of pace and seeing the new job posting. She is happyto have a job she can be proud of. As a student at Marian she realized how academically challenging it was and as a new staff member she understands the passion behind wanting the best possible high school experience for the girls.

Mrs. WenLi Rapkin takes over the Mandarin program after last year’s virtual experience. She moved from China 17 years ago and has been living in Lincoln. After 11 years of teaching, Marian will be her first Catholic school experience.

Mr. Tom Tvrdy attended the University of Nebraska-Kearney for undergrad and then got his masters at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He got out of coaching two years ago to watch his son play basketball for his senior year. Now, he is ready for his new adventures at Marian. Tvrdy envisions the opportunities ahead and remembers thinking how “happy and positive the students were and how there was a hardworking culture.”

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