College counselor shares admission tips and tricks

ElissaEisele & MalloryConnealy

Graphic by CeciUrbanski

No matter what grade you’re in, the concept of college can seem scary. However, if you stay organized and plan ahead, when the time comes to apply for college, the whole process will seem much easier. With the help of new college advisor, Mr. Ben Ascher, each class can begin preparing for the application process now.

Freshmen: We know that when you’re a freshman, college seems SO far away, but in reality your four years of high school will go by way faster than you anticipated. Some easy things that you can be doing are exploring opportunities such as clubs and other activities that you are interested in and will look good on your prospective college personal resume.You don’t need to be a straight A student, but put in effort that you can be proud of later on!

Sophomores: After completing your first year at Marian, it’s time to start solidifying your role within the school. Narrow down your extracurricular activities and obtain leadership roles within these clubs or athletics. One of the most important things to be doing during sophomore year is to challenge yourself academically by taking honors or higher level courses and maintain a high grade point average.

Juniors: Junior year is definitely one of the most daunting years when it comes to thinking about college. You are tasked with an academically challenging year, topped with preparing for the ACT, SAT, college visits, and scholarships. The most important thing to remember is to stay ORGANIZED. Do not be afraid to get ahead on your assignments. Sign up for whatever standardized testing the colleges you are interested in require, and keep up with your grades. Remember to have some grace on yourself you’ve got this!

Seniors: It’s finally here, the time to start the true application process and find the college that is perfect for you. It’s crucial to embrace the process. Instead of procrastinating filling out your applications, create a plan in order to track your progress. Dedicate small amounts of time each day to writing personal essays, researching finance plans, applying for scholarships and narrowing down your list of schools. Take your time to find the school that feels right for you and your future. Try to remember that everybody’s paths in life are different and your college experience is not going to be the same as your friends. Trust yourself and the process and everything will work out! We hope these tips and tricks will help calm your anxieties about college and your future. Don’t forget your counselors and Mr. Ascher’s doors are always wide open to answer any questions you might have.

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