Friday Night Lights

Photo Essay by TylerRaikar

Photos by MeghanBartness and TylerRaikar.

Friday Night Lights are back in action as Marian students congregate alongside the Knights! (Or Mount Michael, if you must, on Sept. 16 and 23). MM, an all boys Catholic school in Elkhorn, always invites any Marian student body to come and support their football team. This time of year is guaranteed to buzz every Crusader with excitement and hope shown by juniors Rachel Buresh, Gracie Lampert, Elizabeth Piernicky and Madison Terranova (middle photo), and sophomores Kerenzia Amouzou and Juan Ando (middle left). Pictured below aerialing are dance team members senior Payton Vosik and sophomore Nicole Poole. Regardless of the team sailing to victory or not, the memories made at these games are worth the entire experience. The atmosphere of Friday Night Lights illuminates some of the most notable memories for high schoolers– it’s a feeling worth holding onto.

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