High school dances provide memories for a lifetime

By NoraCorrigan

Sophie Shaffer ’23, Cecilia Regan ’23 and Elsa Jurrens ’23 smile for the photo booth with their dates at Prom 2022. Photo by EllieCusick.

High schools across the country participate in Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom and various other dances throughout the school year. At Marian, dances are a fun way to dress up and spend time with friends at school without the academic responsibilities.

While most students have the possibility of bringing a date, Marian dances are different. Although students have the opportunity to attend a dance with a date, Marian girls often find it more fun to go with a group of friends.

Gracie Lampert ’24 and Anna Egermayer ’24 at Prep Homecoming 2021. Photo Courtesy of Gracie Lampert.

Sophomore Mary Kate McKay has attended many high school dances, with and without a date. Because Marian does not have a typical Homecoming, most students, including McKay, attend formal dances at other schools like Creighton Prep or Mount Michael. While she enjoyed dressing up and having a date to Prep’s Homecoming, she felt restricted and less likely to engage in the dancing.

McKay said, “The boy followed me around which made things really awkward. When I went to the Mount Michael Homecoming with a group of friends, I felt way more free. I danced more and met more people and just had more fun overall.”

Claire Fitzpatrick ’24, Besty Piernicky ’24 and Kyra Smith ’24 at Marian Winter Formal 2022. Photo Courtesy of Kyra Smith.

McKay has also gone to dances at Marian such as the Welcome Dance and Gnimocemoh. She values Marian dances because there is less pressure to look nice or to be concerned about who has the best dance moves.

“Marian dances are special because you don’t have to worry about people caring when you dance. I feel like I can just be myself and have fun with my girlfriends.”

Most of all, McKay values the social aspect of dances. Because of pandemic restrictions, she missed out on a lot of socialization with her classmates. Today, McKay can feel safe going to dances and make up for lost time at dances.

“I look forward to seeing my friends and other people my age all together dancing, socializing and having fun. It’s not every day you get to see all your classmates out of uniform or having fun with new people.”

Marian girls can spend time with friends and dance their hearts out at upcoming dances. Gnimocemoh is on Friday, Oct. 7 from 8-11p.m. at Marian while Creighton Prep is hosting a formal Homecoming for upperclassmen on Saturday, Oct. 1, and freshmen Homecoming on Saturday, Oct.8. High school dances are a great way for students to socialize with other students and have fun with their friends.

Marian Students and their friends dance at Marian’s Welcome Dance on Aug. 20. 2022. Photo by Chloe Samuelson.

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