Jojo’s Diner Brings Benson to Life with Electric Atmosphere

Review By ElsaJurrens 

Photo by ElsaJurrens

In the heart of Benson, JoJo’s Diner has made a living serving food to customers in a 1980s themed building. Though JoJo’s is known for their cheap, all-day breakfast, it also serves brunch, lunch and dinner. 

JoJo’s offers two main breakfast menus. Basic Brecky contains all the breakfast staples. From eggs and bacon to waffles and pancakes, JoJo’s has it all. Individually, all these items are under $6, or one can purchase the JoJo’s Hat Trick and pick three items off the Basic Brecky menu for $10. 

The other breakfast menu, Brunchy Things, consists of more intricate breakfast items. From Nashville Hot Waffles to a breakfast chimichanga, this menu has something for every adventurous person. Prices range from $7 to $16. 

For lunch or dinner, JoJo’s offers a small appetizers menu called Small Plates, a sandwich menu called JoJo’s Sandos, and finally, a burger menu called Burger Bros. Across all three menus the most expensive item, Patty O’ Melty sandwich, is $13. The cheapest is either the Avocado Toast or the Barrio Fries for $6. There are no bad options, and the quality of the food stays the same, no matter what menu you choose.  

Graphic by HannahCusick

The final menu is the dessert menu, Sweet Treats. Anyone with a sweet tooth will find paradise in this section. Everything on this menu looks and smells absolutely delicious. From the Horchata pancakes covered in cinnamon caramelized bananas to the giant cinnamon roll smothered in vanilla royal icing, the only fault of this menu is trying to decide what to order. 

New this summer, JoJos opened a new location off of 132nd and maple. This location serves the same delicious food at the same great price. Unlike JoJo’s diner in Benson, JoJo’s out west takes on a 1990s theme throughout the restaurant. 

Truly, there are no wrong items to order, but if I had to choose the top item, the Horchata pancakes are honestly one of a kind. This diner is a must try for all of Omaha. The quality, price, and service deeply reflect the amount of work and care the owners put into the restaurant. This is the perfect place for any occasion.

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