Jaipur Brings Unique Indian Flavors Across Omaha

Review by MaryAmbrose & EllaPlank

The moment you step into Jaipur, you encounter a snippet of Indian culture. From the Indian music in the background to the wonderful aroma of Indian food, you feel like you have entered a foreign country.

After a glance at the menu, it is obvious how wide of a variety they serve. From spicy Vindaloo to mild Thimpu chicken, Jaipur has something for everyone. You can get started with a side salad with a sweet vinaigrette dressing or a traditional Mulligatawny soup, a spiced lentil soup topped with rice and vegetables. With your meal, you can get fresh naan, a type of traditional Indian bread, to eat with your main course. There are many types of naan ranging such as garlic, cashew, spinach stuffed, and onion. If you are not one for chicken, you can go with the seafood or lamb. 

The pricing is good for the amount of food that you get. Most entrees average about $22 including the salad or soup. Though this may seem like a lot, you get for what you pay for. The entrees are large and could serve up to two people. We took about a third of our meal home as leftovers. 

Photo of white rice, naan, and thimpu chicken by EllaPlank & MaryAmbrose

Anyone is welcome to dine at Jaipur. It is a casual dining spot. Some people dress fancier than others, depending on the occasion, but everyone is greeted with a warm smile. The owner incorporates elements of Indian culture into the physical restaurant itself by having paintings and sculptures that represent the culture.

The service at Jaipur is remarkable. Though it takes close to 40 minutes for your main entree to come out, you get your side shortly after you order. The staff is extremely friendly and is always checking in to see how your experience is. The restaurant is not too big, so a reservation might be helpful if you attend around a crowded time such as 6 pm. Carry out is always an option as well, and you can request a certain time to pick up your food. 

For the past 15 years, Jaipur has won “Best Restaurant of Omaha,” causing it to expand and open up its  Dundee location on 5018 Underwood Avenue. Though this location has been open for less than a year, it has been wildly successful. The constant bustle of Underwood Avenue is perfect for attracting business. 

Overall, we highly recommend Jaipur. It is the perfect restaurant for a family dinner, a date night out, or takeout for a cozy night in with some flavorful food. The service, ambiance, and variety of food will provide a memorable dining experience. 

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