Senior Claire Troshynski holds triathlon title for Nebraska

By NoraCorrigan

Triathlons are the ultimate test of the human body’s strength. Through a series of consecutive events in swimming, biking, and running, competitors are challenged both mentally and physically. Senior Claire Troshynski has been challenging her strength with triathlons since she was 8 years old, earning herself the title of Nebraska State Champion in the high school division.

Claire Troshynski ’23 changes out of her wet suit during Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Photo Courtesy of Troshynski.

Troshynski initially got involved in triathlons after encouragement from her parents. “My mom and dad have always competed in triathlons, or even Ironmans. My dad signed me up when I was 8 and since then, I’ve continued to compete.”

After her first triathlon, Troshynski did not compete again until this summer. During her ‘time off,’ she continued to build her physical strength while participating in Cross Country, Swimming and Diving, and Track. However, the challenges that each sport brought her renewed her desire to compete in triathlons.

Amidst her two jobs as a pool manager and a certified nursing assistant, sports teams, and family life, Troshynski trained for the Nebraska State Triathlon. “I got up in the morning around 4:30 and was in the pool by 5. After about 45 minutes of swimming, I would get right on the bike and ride for about an hour and a half.”

Troshynski’s training schedule was rigorous. Every morning she would get up and train, completing at least two of the three events in a triathlon before the sun was even up. “It was hard. I didn’t have teammates to motivate me so it was difficult to find motivation to continue because I was alone.”

Nonetheless, Troshynski managed to complete her training every day up until the triathlon on July 7. After a 750 meter swim, 13.1 mile bike ride, and 5k run, Troshynski crossed the finish line, earning her spot as the Nebraska State Champion in the high school division.

Claire Troshynski ’23 poses for a picture after completing Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 7. Photo Courtesy of Troshynski.

“I came across the finish line and I had no idea where I was in the field. My mom told me that I had won. I didn’t believe her, butthey announced that I had won and that I had beat second place by 8 minutes.”

Troshynski’s win landed her a spot at Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. “I took the next day off and then the following dayjumped right back into training.”

What Troshynski remembers most about the triathlon in Milwaukee was not the struggles that she faced swimming or getting out of her wetsuit while sprinting to the next event, but the satisfaction and fulfillment she experienced once she had reached the finish line.

“Coming across the finish line I had the biggest smile. I really just competed at Nationals for fun and once I had finished, I was able to breathe and finally say ‘I did it. This is what I love to do.’”

Troshynski wrapped up her summer with one final triathlon and then transitioned into her training for Marian’s Cross Country team. She has plans to compete again at the Nebraska State Triathlon next summer.

Until then, Troshynski will build her strength through Marian athletics and additional training at home while also gearing up for college admissions.

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