Volleyball season kicks off with senior captain Amanda Loschen

By MalloryConnealy

Amanda Loschen ‘23 serves the ball at the Varsity home match against Elkhorn South on Sept. 5. Marian won the match in four sets, winning all but the second set. Photo by Joie Ferrara 

Senior Captain Amanda Loschen leads the Varsity volleyball team to overcome adversity in order to achieve a successful season. Although the first game of the season was in August, the volleyball season actually kicked off in the hot months of the summer.

The players attended lifting and conditioning sessions in order to physically and mentally prepare for a tough fall season. The team was able to meet the new head coach, Mr. Jake Moore, and begin adapting to his preferred coaching style. “Over the summer, we were able to start learning the new coaches’ philosophies and begin to implement them into our playing style,” Loschen said.

The volleyball team’s current record of 11-5 is not a completely accurate reflection of the team’s talent. “We played in a very competitive tournament at the beginning of the season, playing some of the top teams in Nebraska,” Loschen said.

The expectations for the rest of the season are high as the girls are currently ranked 9th in the state.

With the support of the student section, the volleyball team is able to compete in a highly intense environment. “One of my favorite things is being able to play in front of many fans and having the support of the student section at games,” said Loschen. 

The Marian girls in the student section are famous for their uplifting cheers and their positive, sportsmanlike attitudes which help to support the players competing on the court.

Loschen leads the team as a senior captain. There are four seniors and six sophomores on the Varsity team. “There are many responsibilities being a captain including keeping the team accountable to ensure we are improving and competing at every practice and game,” Loschen said. 

By upholding positive team values, Loschen greatly impacts the team on and off the court. 

Her leadership will continue to show through as the volleyball team continues their fall season with high expectations and an end goal of competing at the state tournament in Lincoln on Nov. 2-5.

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