What’s new with Marian technology

By MeganSchneider

Illustration by ReaganRosenbaum

Mr. Travis Vo, the new Director of Technology, has made a lot of changes to iPads and technology in the first few months. There is a laundry list of changes and students may be confused on the necessity, but this new management system does have its pros.

“We’re able to better support our sudents using their technology,” Vo said.

New restrictions include no App Store, less personal use apps, and a stronger rewall. Games, like Homescapes, become available to play after 3 p.m. on school days. This is so students have an easier time focusing in class. Apps can be requested, but apps may not be age restricted, must have minimal ads, and may not be similar to an app already approved.

School Apple IDs allow students to bypass possible screen time restrictions set up by well-meaning parents. This allows students to have more time at night to complete their work. It also helps to better separate school from their personal lives.

Personal app restrictions at school also allow students to better focus in class. These changes, “better align Marian with other schools using Apple technology,” Vo said.

Vo and Technology Aid Resource Students (TARS) are available to help students having technology problems. The TARS sit at the Haddix circulation desk every block of the school day and are there to help with little questions and big ones.

You can also simply submit a ticket through the Crusader Hub Manager app. Technology is always changing and Marian tries to stay ahead of the curve in order to give students the most support possible.

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