Marian girls fundraise as one

By J1 Reporter Lilly McAndrews

On Sept. 30, all grades of Marian got together to walk after a month of fundraising. The fundraiser is called Walk-A-Thon (WAT) and the money that Marian girls raise goes directly back to them for tuition assistance. Marian girls came up with different ideas for how to raise money. 

The grades hold class bake sales, car washes, individual donations, lemonade stands, and other outside of school fundraisers. Each grade does this in hopes of bringing in more money than the other grades or at least beating their class goal. All the classes are in competition with each other, but each class still comes together. 

“I supported other classes because it all goes to our school and helps it become a better place for everyone,” freshman Caroline Wilson said.

Bake sales were a quick way to earn money for each class and the customers differ from each grade to the next. Support from other classes is always needed for a successful bake sale. 

Sophomore Nora Coffey works the bake sale during WAT. Each class held a bake sale on the Fridays of September. Photo by Lilly McAndrews.

Unity was shown all throughout Marian when students clapped for each other, screamed big and little chants, and cheered for other classes as everyone received their results at the Sept. 30 assembly before the walk began. 

Junior Bella Brichacek saw unity when, “I saw lots of people from different grades taking pictures together, having fun on the slide, and watching the teachers get dunked.”  Brichacek describes the feeling of joy she saw when the grades were one big community that worked together for an all school goal.

Seniors and juniors worked together for a car wash. “As a freshman it was nice to see all of the classes come together to support their class and have an awesome bake sale. They all had amazing items and themes and it was overall quite fun to see and experience,” Wilson said. 

These moments contributed to Marian classes that fundraise as one.

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