T-Shirt designs define fundraiser

By J1 Reporter Lily Biggs

Walk-A-Thon is one of Marian’s many memorable traditions. It has been a part of the Marian community since 1984 and has many different aspects to it. 

One of these aspects are the free t-shirts that are given away to students and staff each year who participate in Walk-A-Thon. Past WAT t-shirts can be seen on girls throughout the school year as they can be worn on spirit days after the event itself on the last Friday of September.

Students party after the success of 2022 WAT. Photo by Marsha Kalkowski

Not everyone knows the details about the origins of the shirts. Most T-shirts for clubs, events and Field Day are designed and selected by the student body, but this is not the case for WAT.

Student Board Co-moderator Ms. Jessica Abel said, “The T-Shirts are designed by Nora Corrigan, the Vice President of STUBO. She is in charge of the theme, design, and ordering the shirts”.

The Marian girls are happy with the t-shirts most years, though many are curious about why they have no say in the design. “I’ve liked all of the designs except last year’s,” junior Iona Stites said. The 2021 WAT t-shirts were a light sea-foam green to match the foam theme.

“I wish that we had more of a say in the design, though. I think it would be interesting and make people happier if submissions and voting were factored into the design,” Stites said.

T-Shirts provide a nostalgic feeling to past Walk-A-Thons, and some students feel as though they should reflect the student body more.

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