Emergency Vehicle Made Its Rounds

By J1 Reporter Ellie Peter

The morning of Sept 30, Marian girls were gearing up for Walk-A-Thon (WAT). Everyone should have had a healthy breakfast and girls were recommended to bring a full water bottle. In case of emergency during the 2-mile and 4-mile walks, Mrs. Jen Christen, assistant principal, and Mrs. Melissa Brusnahan, head athletic trainer, were ready in their emergency vehicle to come to the rescue. 

They patrolled the route and kept their phones on hand in case of an emergency. According to Christen, [Emergencies] “could be anything from a student that twists her ankle to a student that cannot finish the walk.”  

Girls and teachers are always on the lookout for any Marian girl in trouble. In the event of an injury, Christen and Brusnahan are on the scene. Depending on the injury, “we then go to their location, evaluate the situation, and provide the necessary care,” Brusnahan said. 

In order to avoid an emergency, Marian girls were encouraged to adequately prepare for the walk by eating a healthy breakfast. Stubo even provided water bottles before the walk, so 

Assistant Principal Mrs. Jen Christen and Athletic Trainer, Mrs. Melissa Brusnahan patrol the walking route on North 78th Street. At this point in the Sept. 30 walk, no students had yet required emergency care.  By the end of the walk six students had used their services in one form or another. Photo by Marsha Kalkowski 

Over the years, WAT emergencies have been minimal. Brusnahan has been part of the Emergency Response Team since its beginning, so she has years of experience spotting emergencies and treating student ailments.

Brusnahan said, “We’ve seen sprained ankles, minor breathing issues from girls not having their inhalers, fatigue from not being conditioned.” A few girls aren’t accustomed to walking 4-miles and they get exhausted.  She and Christen carried her athletic training bag, which Brusnahan said Marian athletes “can tell you has any and every thing that I might need.” 

Girls who were sick on the day of the event were encouraged to stay home and walk on the make-up day with others. Students who had a doctor’s note to prevent them from walking spent their time on Sept. 30 in Student Services with a study hall. Those students were free to leave when the first member of their class returned from the walk itself.

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