Class Officers lead their class to WAT success

By J1 Reporter Julia Trainer

Another year, another Marian Walk-A-Thon.

Marian’s Walk-A-Thon (WAT) is a tried and true tradition loved by so many students, faculty, staff and donors. However, many tireless hours are spent planning and organizing this event to successfully raise enough money, and it all starts with student government. 

Class officers start planning and strategizing at the end of the previous school year to develop new ideas to raise money for their specific class. Junior Tori Schenkelberg, senior Maggie Stessman and sophomore Greta Fishburn are all class officers for their respective grades and they weigh in on what it’s like to be the backbone of Marian’s most popular fall tradition. 

Being a class officer during big events can be challenging, and Walk-A-Thon is no exception. As a sophomore class officer, Fishburn is new to this tradition because freshmen don’t have class officers yet because WAT takes place early in the year before the newcomers have a chance to elect their student government. Fishburn explains that the most challenging aspect of planning WAT for the first time is “getting back into the swing of school and having to immediately get working on WAT.” Fishburn and the other sophomore class officers were able to overcome these challenges and raise a collective total of $24,965.

While Fishburn prepares for her first Walk-A-Thon in a student government position, Schenkelberg gears up for her second. Schenkelberg is not a rookie in the WAT planning department, but she wanted to take a different approach than years prior to encourage her junior class to reach their goal. “This year we really focused on walking around neighborhoods and communicating with our class about ideas and plans,” Schenkelberg said. Schenkelberg’s new approach got the job done as the junior class brought in 124% of their goal totaling $28,649. 

Junior Class Officers celebrate a second place win on Sept. 30. Their class brought in 124% of their class goal. Photo by Julia Trainer

The senior class began the preparation for their fourth and final Walk-A-Thon, however last year during student government elections, things took a turn. Out of six class officers elected, there were three new members who took the title of class officer for the first time going into senior year. Many might think they were at a disadvantage, but not with this crew. Stessman, one of the three new class officers, didn’t feel the overwhelming pressure that one might feel in her position. “I felt confident going into senior year because I have the support of my class and my fellow officers,” Stessman said. Her composure in this new position helped the seniors go out with a bang, securing first place by collecting 130% of their class goal. 

Another successful Walk-A-Thon took place on Sept. 30, but without the help and determination of the class officers, it may not have been as much of a success. The role of class officers is instrumental in raising money, guiding their class and most importantly coming together for the common goal of granting tuition assistance to girls so they, too, can experience Marian Walk-A-Thon. 

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