Intramural Sports program brings new athletic opportunities to students

By MeghanBartness

Potential t-shirt design for the winning team of the upcoming volleyball intramural tournament. Design by senior Amelia Roth

Campus intramural and recreational programs provide an opportunity for voluntary participation and competition among members of the same university, and also for occasional competition between intramural groups at other universities. Because participation is voluntary and open to all, intramural activities allow all students to experience the positive outcomes normally reserved for varsity athletes. 

Non-competitive sports still have many advantages. Personal fitness programs can help produce happier, healthier individuals. Many sports also provide stress relief and enhance quick decision-making, interpretation and concentration. 

Intramural sports can provide an opportunity to refine physical skills, and may be an opportunity that hasn’t been available previously. These activities encourage a positive choice for filling free time, which may carry over to healthy life decisions.

Marian has decided to re-introduce their own intramural sports program as a way for students to compete athletically without the commitment of being a student athlete. The last formal program was in the late 1990s and usually involved an open gym on a Sunday afternoon for pick up games of volleyball or basketball and fun. This new program will be more organized. 

In early October, journalism students sent out a Google survey to gauge student interest. Of the 86 students who responded to the survey, 98% said YES, they wished Marian would offer some sort of intramural activity. The most popular sports mentioned were volleyball, dodgeball and kickball, with a few hopeful girls suggesting flag football, Capture the Flag, lacrosse or 4-square.

On Monday, Nov. 7, from 4-7 p.m., Marian will host its first intramural sports game of the year. Senior Audrey Ehlers was one of the organizers for this event, as well as seniors Amelia Roth and Sarah Specht and junior Ruthie Barrett. Ehlers said while right now Marian only has volleyball, dodgeball and floor hockey planned to be offered, there are other potential sports for the future. She hopes to offer intramural sport opportunities at least once a month in the future. “It’s been an idea since last year. It just takes a lot of organizing and involvement of Marian students,” Ehlers said.

Ehlers believes intramural sports could be good for Marian because “It gives more students an athletic opportunity but it is also just a fun reason to have a team with friends. It creates a friendly competition but you can also have a team with mixed grades to create new friendships.” 

Intramural sports will not be considered a club or a team. It will be treated as an after-school activity and students can choose when they want to play. For example, if you don’t like that month’s sport, you don’t have to sign up for it. There will also be no formal coaches, but Spanish teacher Mr. J.P. Franco and math teacher Mr. Peter Cunningham have volunteered to help run the games. 

Seniors Mia Wilson and Sian Jones are excited to participate in the volleyball tournament coming up in November. “We are excited Marian is offering intramural sports. It’s an opportunity for our team to come back together and play for fun.” The seniors emphasized, “[It] makes us feel united and is a good environment for those who don’t play at a higher level to come together and enjoy the sport.” 

For more information or questions contact Mrs. Kris Hennings, Audrey Ehlers, Amelia Roth, Sarah Specht or Ruthie Barrett. The first Marian volleyball intramurals will be held Monday, Nov. 7 from 4-7 p.m. in Marian’s gyms. 

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