‘Hocus Pocus 2’ soars to screen after September release

Review by ElissaEisele

Image source: Disney+

Nearly 30 years in the making, the new sequel to the “Hocus Pocus” movie is finally here. The fandom has had ample time to build up their anticipation, and “Hocus Pocus 2” did not disappoint after its Sept. 30 release.

It’s no secret that the Hocus Pocus franchise has become a sort of phenomena around the world. For years, the Sanderson sisters have dominated the streets on Halloween day, invaded social media platforms, and been a staple when anyone thinks of the spooky holiday. With this new addition we can all expect to see miniature Sanderson sisters running around this Oct. 31.

The newest movie follows the story of three teenage girls living in Salem, Mas. who have been going through difficulties navigating their friendship while juggling different stages of their lives. The film follows the main character Becca, a high school student who is celebrating her sixteenth birthday. On her birthday she is gifted a black flame candle, and unknowingly raises the infamous Sanderson sisters.

The next two hours are an astounding testimony to Becca’s friendships and character. I thought it was inspiring how the Sanderson sisters’ hunt for eternal youth stayed consistent throughout both movies. They are unrelenting in their pursuit to hunt down not only Becca, but her friends as well. The friendship between the girls warmed my heart, and served as a reminder that having friends who support you no matter what are important! They are challenged with not only evading the Sanderson sisters, but learning more about their friendship along the way. Which was a sweet memento to the importance of friendship. This movie promoted personal growth, forcing Becca to grow as a friend and a person.

She is met with trials and tribulations, and learns that what makes a true witch is not the amount of power one holds, but the ways they use that power to make the world a better place for their loved ones.

The movie is a great reminder to all that within a hectic world it is essential to keep the ones who love us in mind. Overall I thought the movie was great, and definitely deserves a watch, you can stream it on Disney Plus. It did what many beloved family movies have tried to do for years, connecting a generation who lived through the first movie with the next generation through a new story.

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