Vice President of Student Board shares planning process of Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Amber Johanek

From July to September, Marian’s Student Board planned the school’s annual Walk-A-Thon. Walk-A-Thon is held at Marian, where all the planning, competing, walking and fun occurs. This year, the students and teachers walked to raise money for tuition assistance.

Vice President of Student Board, senior Nora Corrigan, was behind the scenes, making this event successful. 

“My biggest thing was we have to give back to the school. We have to give back to the students.” 

She came up with the theme, called businesses asking for donations, and made sure everything was done on time. “It is more of a step-by-step kind of thing,” Corrigan said. “You have to know who your audience is.”

Senior Nora Corrigan smiles with seniors Audrey Ehlers and Vanessa Wagstaff at Marian on Sept. 30. They held up their first place sign before the senior class walked two miles. Photo by junior Madeline Wear

After Walk-A-Thon was over, she said, “I was relieved. I was really proud because we hit it out of the park.” Having experience from planning Marian’s Surprise Day last year helped to prepare her for organizing this all school event. Corrigan said, “It prepared me to make big decisions, and talk to big important people.” 

Ms. Jessica Abel, Marian’s math tutor and Student Board co-moderator, saw Corrigan hard at work. She said, “I think she did awesome. She was on top of it as soon as we met in the summer.” 

Although Corrigan did an amazing job getting everything done on time, there is always something that does not work out in their favor.  

According to Abel, the t-shirts are always the last thing that get done. Student Board has to wait for the corporate donations so companies can put their logos on the back of the t-shirts. “It’s kind of a waiting game,” Abel said. Luckily, with Corrigan’s successful planning and communicating, the t-shirts came before Sept. 30, the official date of Walk-A-Thon. 

Overall, Corrigan’s planning resulted in a Walk-A-Thon to remember.

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