Walking Back In Time: Walk-A-Thon from the eyes of a senior 

By J1 Reporter Sophia Reinhardt

Walk-A-Thon (WAT) is a favored Marian tradition that’s been going on for many years. Classes work together to raise money to help provide financial aid and tuition assistance. Each grade competes to see what place they get and to see how far they will have to walk. Bake sales and car washes are a fun part of raising the money. The seniors have been through four different Walk-A-Thons and have had a fun and memorable experience throughout it all.

Senior Mariana Vasquez-Rosas talks about the things she’s grown to love about Walk-A-Thon. “My favorite part of Walk-A-Thon has to be the kickoff and the bake sales,” she says. These events always have lots of excitement and passion from each student. “The bake sales bring the whole school together and we get to see each class’s creativity,” Vazquez-Rosas said. Bake sales get crowds of students during the mornings and lunch period, excited to support their fellow classmates while getting sweet treats. “The kickoff is also exciting because we find out the theme and as classes try to brainstorm ideas to reach and go beyond our goal,” she said. Walk-A-Thon highlights student’s creativity in coming together and working to find ideas and raise plenty of money to help incoming students.

Seniors Mariana Vazquez-Rosas and Bailey Sommer celebrate their victory after their walk on Sept. 30. Photo courtesy of Mariana Vazquez-Rosas.

Senior Isi Raczynski shares how Walk-A-Thon changed from freshman to senior year. “I think freshman year no one really fully understands the concepts or process of WAT, it’s sort of overwhelming,” she said. “I think the seniors were really on top of things and knowing what you’re doing makes it a lot more enjoyable.”

To incoming freshman WAT can be a lot, especially since it’s right at the beginning of the school year. Raczynski also talks about how she thinks Walk-A-Thon brings the class closer together. “The big goal is really a way of saying that everyone should contribute and anything helps,” she said.

Coming up with ideas to get money to support your class is a huge team effort that requires the help of each classmate. “A lot of activities that help our class go toward the goal is also a group effort, which is really important,” Raczynski said.

Teamwork is the most important way to get to the goal. Walk-A-Thon continues to be a very big Marian tradition that the graduating class will remember for years to come.

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